Ecospheres Replacement Policy Guarantee

Each of our Ecospheres comes with a 6 or 12 month Replacement Policy Guarantee.

Should all the shrimps die during the replacement period, provided the care guidelines set out in the accompanying Care Booklet have been followed, Ecospheres UK will replace the unit promptly. The policy period will start from the original issue date of your original Ecosphere.

The small sphere and small pod have a 6 month replacement guarantee. All larger Ecospheres have a 12 month guarantee.

Our Replacement Policy Guarantee requires the customer to pay all shipping charges.

Ecospheres UK agrees to replace your Ecosphere any time within the policy period indicated should less than one shrimp remain alive. No other warranty implied or otherwise, shall exist on the Ecosphere. No warranty exists where the glass is cracked or broken (unless in transit on initial delivery) or where the temperature or light limits have been exceeded (i.e. too much algae has grown).

The company will make replacement only upon receipt of the failed system. All returns can be shipped by Royal Mail.

The following items must accompany your return:

  • Name, weekday shipping address, and phone number
  • Serial Number (found on the bottom of Ecosphere)
  • Please indicate a date you would like to receive your replacement

We recommend that you also review our Care page for further information on how to look after your new Ecosphere.